Applying Your Nails

Following these steps will help your press-on set last up to 2 weeks!

Step 1
Thoroughly wash and dry your hands.

Step 2
Use an alcohol wipe to remove the natural oils from your nails. Allow to dry.

Step 3
Gently file the top of your nails to remove smoothness.

Step 4
(Optional) Use the orange wood (or cuticle) stick to gently push back your cuticles. This simply helps your nails appear longer. Please note: cutting your cuticles is not recommended.

Step 5
Select the nails the match your nail beds best.

Step 6
Apply a line of nail glue to your nail bed from near cuticle to near tip. Press and hold the artificial nail on top of your nail for 10-30 seconds. Repeat on all nails.

Step 7

Nail prep kits that include an alcohol wipe, nail file, nail glue, and cuticle stick can be purchased here.